Iran Plugged In

Looking at the impact of the Internet in Iran

Online Sites Bolster Participation in Elections

This great article describes how online sites like Facebook and Twitter are being used by the primary candidates in Iran’s upcoming presidential elections. It appears that candidates like Mir Houssain Mousavi are following the lead of President Barack Obama who successfully used sites like Facebook to grow his campaign. It appears Mousavi is far more high tech than his rival Ahmadinejad.


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MSN Messenger Blocked in Iran

According to ITP, Microsoft has opted to turn off Windows Live Messenger in Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, and other countries subject to US sanctions.

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China is Definitely Plugged In

Juicy facts:

  • China has approximately 14,000,000 domain names registered under “.cn”.
  • 298 million Internet users.
  • 117.6 million out of the current 640 million registered cellphone holders using the Internet on their phones, and 70.8% of those users under 19.
  • Sites are censored in China.
  • Having blogs is about five times more popular in China than it is in the US


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Iran Ranks #32

According to this article, Iran ranks #32 in the world in terms of number of websites.

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YouTube EDU Launches

I just read on Techcrunch that YouTube EDU just launched. Now, many universities are recording their lectures and posting them online. YouTube.EDU is a video channel for universities to do so. Many top universities are starting to post their video lectures to this site like Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT, and UCLA. I’m happy to see these universities publish their content and hope other universities will do the same.

This is fantastic because I believe the Internet, and especially YouTube, is one of the greatest tools to enhance your education. There is a wealth of information online (in addition to a lot of silly nonsense).

This is great for countries like Iran too so students and adults can have access to such rich lectures from these fine universities. Recently, YouTube was unblocked in Iran – along with FaceBook. This is a big step forward.

For me, I have watched countless videos on YouTube that I know has improved my general knowledge in topics that interest me, or I randomly discovered and learned new interesting things while browsing around YouTube. I’ve watched documentary clips, recorded presentations, music videos, and more. YouTube is awesome.

Iran, start YouTube’ing and go learn something new !

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Hello World!

This is the birth of my weblog.

About the weblog:

The intent of this blog is to share learnings about the role of Internet and Technology in Iran. While the topics discussed will primarily be Iran related, I will likely and frequently discuss the impact of the Internet in our global community. More than anything else, this blog will be a tool for me to continue learning about two passions of mine: 1) Iran 2) the impact of the Internet in our world.

About Me:

I am an Iranian who likes building and using cool Internet products. How surprising!

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