Iran Plugged In

Looking at the impact of the Internet in Iran

Facebook in Iran

Facebook and Twitter are the two hottest sites on the Web right now.

Facebook was recently unblocked in Iran, and I know that online social networks are very popular in Iran – like anywhere else in the world. Prior to Facebook, Yahoo 360 and Orkut were huge in Iran.

I will research in depth how popular Facebook is in Iran, but from some initial investigation, I found some initial data:

  • 48,547 people in the “Iran” network (as of today)
  • Multiple Iranian university networks listed in Facebook. Taking a glance at the Sharif University network, there are 2,346 people.
  • There appear to be around 10-15 FB applications related to Iran.
  • How many people are talking about Iran on people’s walls? See here.
  • “Since Feb 3, Facebook has jumped from the 29th most visited website in Iran to the 12th, according to Alexa” (Source)
  • A lot of Iranian users use Facebook to support causes, such as making Norooz, the Iranian New Year, part of the UN calendar.

There is a Facebook competitor in Iran, called Cloob, which is very similar to Facebook.


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